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Privacy Policy

by kayleexuan

Last Revision: July 18, 2023

Greetings and thanks for visiting MoonCostumes.com. We have a deep commitment to safeguarding the private details you share with us. Here’s the lowdown on our privacy practices:

  1. The Lowdown on What We Collect

There are a couple of ways we get hold of info:

  1. Info You Hand Over: This includes things like comments you leave, dropping us a line through our contact form, or hopping onto our newsletter. Typically, this could be your name, the email address you use, and anything else you fancy sharing.
  2. Info We Nab Automatically: When you swing by MoonCostumes.com, our trusty servers might pick up some tidbits automatically. This might be stuff like which internet browser you’re using, your device, your IP address, pages you’ve browsed on our site, how long you hung around, and when you decided to pop in.
  3. How We Use the Info We Gather

Why do we collect this info?

  • To keep our website running smoothly.
  • To chat back when you drop us comments or queries.
  • To keep tabs on how our website’s doing.
  • To ping you with news or promotions, but only if you say it’s cool.
  1. The Deal with Cookies

“Cookies” is just a fancy word for little files that we send to your computer via your browser. It helps us recognize when you come back to our site. If you’re not a fan, you can switch off cookies in your browser’s settings. But, heads up: some website features might act up if you do.

  1. External Links

Now and then, we might give a shout-out to other websites or products. But remember, they play by their own rules, so if you’ve got concerns, check their policies.

  1. Kiddos and Privacy

We’re aiming our site at grown-ups, not kids under 13. If we find out a youngster has given us their details, we’ll remove them pronto.

  1. Your Choices in the Matter

Just so you know:

  • You can bow out of our email updates.
  • Feel free to ask us what personal info of yours we have, or tell us to delete it.
  1. Keeping Things Tight

We’re all about keeping your info safe. While we can’t guarantee fortress-level security online, we’re doing our darnedest with encryption and all.

  1. Updates to Our Privacy Promise

Things change, and so might this statement. We’ll make sure to update this page if they do. Keep an eye out!

  1. Questions?

If you’re scratching your head about any of this, give us a shout:


By the Rules

The laws of the good ol’ U.S of A oversee this privacy statement.

Popping by MoonCostumes.com? That means you’re cool with our privacy promise.


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