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by kayleexuan

About Us

Hey, it’s us! You’re probably wondering who’s behind MoonCostumes.com. Spoiler alert: no, it’s not about dressing up as the moon. 😊

A Starlit Beginning
Imagine a bunch of buddies, sprawled on the grass, watching the night sky. That’s us. In one of those deep, 2 AM conversations, MoonCostumes.com was born. Not from a grand vision, but from a simple desire: to jot down life’s random, funny, and sometimes profound moments.

Our Vibe
We see life as a series of roles we play – kinda like wearing different hats or, you know, costumes. From being the Monday morning warrior (powered by coffee) to the reflective soul on a Sunday evening, we’re constantly shifting, changing, evolving. We’re here to share stories from these roles – some our own, some borrowed, all real.

The Name Game
‘MoonCostumes’? Okay, we confess. We thought it sounded mysterious and cool. The moon goes through phases, right? Just like us, shifting through moods, roles, and dreams. So in a way, every article here reflects a different shade, a different phase of life.

The Gang
We’re scattered across the U.S. Some of us live on coffee, others swear by herbal tea. What binds us? Our knack for spotting the extraordinary in the everyday. And of course, those never-ending debates on which pizza topping is the best. (It’s pineapple, by the way. Fight us!)

Hop In!
This isn’t a monologue; it’s a conversation. Dive into our world, share your two cents, laugh with us, maybe disagree a bit. And hey, if you ever feel like sharing a story, hit us up. MoonCostumes is as much yours as it is ours.


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